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With a variety of massage types to choose from you'll be sure to discover your relaxing moment here at Massage Savvy!

Swedish Massage​

A relaxing and energizing treatment that relieves muscle tension on the topmost layer of muscles.


Benefits:  Increases the level of oxygen in the blood /  Decreases muscle toxins / Improves circulation and flexibility / Reduces stress/ Eases Tension

30 min- $65 60 min- $116 90 min- $152

Hot Stone Massage 

 A massage that uses smooth heated stones to quickly warm muscles and provide deeper muscle relaxation


Benefits: Warms muscles quickly / Loosens tight and stiff muscles without the need for deep pressure/  Deeper relaxation / Deeper pain relief

60 min- $143 90 min- $170

​Deep Tissue Massage

A massage similar to Swedish, but with more pressure applied to gain access to muscles on a deeper level.


Benefits:  Break down and possible elimination of adhesions and scar tissue / Eases chronic aches and pains / Lowers blood pressure

30 min- $65 60 min- $116 90 min- $152

Sports Massage​

A massage that is performed before, during or after a sports events or training


Benefits:  Improves range of motion / Reduces muscle soreness /  Promotes flexibility / Helps to prevent injuries / May aid with helping muscle strains / Aids in healing after sports

30 min- $65 I 60 min- $116 I 90 min- $152

20 min- $40 I

​Tension Relieving Foot Scrub

Soaking the feet has been proven to be soothing, relaxing and refreshing. No tools used in this relaxing treatment, just caring hands! Feet are soaked in a warming foot soak, scrubbed with a sugar scrub, then treated to a massage with a moisture rich foot butter.


30 min- $71 

​Chair Massage

A fully clothed, seated massage that typically involves the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands


*Benefits:  Increases circulation / Lowers Anxiety / Reduces muscle fatigue / Boosts immune system / Improves thinking and awareness

 15 min- $35 I 30 min- $53


 A massage that stimulates particular areas of the feet that correspond to different parts of the body.



Benefits:  Promotes health and well-being / Improved blood flow / Pain reduction

15 min- $35 I 30 min- $65 I 60 min- $116

Spa Facial

A nourishing facial where skin is thoroughly cleansed and dead skin cells are exfoliated. Skin is then toned and a mask treatment is applied. This tratment is concluded with a hydrating moisturizer, leaving skin feel soft and supple.



 45 min- $75

Eyelash Extensions

Enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes with individual eyelash extensions. Save time in your routine  with a full set of  individual lashes that can last for lengthy periods of time with proper care and maintenance.


Full Set - $150  Fill - $80

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